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  • 1 November 2019
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Dear Community,


I am working on a functionality for which I would like to use R language. I would like to use the library called “TSA”. I installed it in R. When I try to run the script, AIMMS throws the following error: “R_tryEval: Error in library(TSA): there is no package called ‘TSA’”. I have tested some other libraries (e.g. Rcpp), and there was no error.


I found a chapter in the R-Link documentation called “R-packages on the AIMMS cloud”. I didn’t find TSA there, but I did Rcpp. I couldn’t understand based on the text what is special regarding these libraries. 


Am I thinking well that these are the only libraries I can use in R scripts?




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2 replies

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In the meantime, the question got solved, partly by the contribution of AIMMS support.


When using developer mode, any R libraries are available. The problem was that I had had several R versions. In the library manual, I read that the newest version compatible with AIMMS is R 3.5.2. However, AIMMS looked for the library in the libraries of the newest R verion on the computer. After installing TSA for that R version, the error didn’t occur any more.


On AIMMS Cloud, there is a set of libraries that can be used. As Mohan wrote, you will need to contact with a request to add a new package.

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If you need to use an R package that isn’t on that list on AIMMS Cloud, then you will need to contact with a request to add that package. Please do check if there are any alternatives from the list that you could use (for eg. package forecast might be used for time series analysis). 


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