AIMMS Network Design Examples

  • 23 October 2020
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AIMMS Network Design Examples
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In this article, you will find a collection of AIMMS Network Design examples and studies.

Study: Anticipate Best- and Worst-Case Operations Scenarios


In the context of COVID-19, companies were looking to understand exposure in their supply chain. Scenario planning is the key to understanding the many repercussions of sudden changes in demand and operations. AIMMS Network Design allows users to adjust demand for unique customers, locations and products. This means that you can target very specific parts of your demand data and dynamically run different scenarios in those conditions to measure its effect. Click here to read more and watch demo videos. 


Study: Identify Optimal Sourcing Locations


Created to assist companies in COVID-19 response efforts, this study can help you anticipate shortages in your supply chain. AIMMS Network Design enables forcing a single source as a constraint. Once the constraint is relaxed, customers are free to choose from a multitude of suppliers. However, with the constraint enforced, the optimal source of the product can be studied while minimizing both production and distribution costs. Network Design can also be used to make certain transportation lanes unavailable and measure its impact.  Click here to read more and watch a demo. 



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