Global Optimization Solver Lower-Upper Bounds

  • 3 April 2020
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Dear AIMMS Community:


I am using BARON solver to solve a continuous non-convex optimization problem. In small cases, I can see that BARON is finding the global optimum and wherever it is verifiable I am verifying that the results are consistent. So I believe my current modeling is correct.


However, for larger problems, although I get feasible solution, I don’t have any upper bounds (this is a maximization problem). I found this post, and tried problem.BestBound, which gives NA as answer. How can I fix this issue?

Many thanks for your time!


Best answer by Marcel Hunting 4 April 2020, 01:02

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2 replies

Thanks for your answer. I will try this method!

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It is possible that BARON is not able to find an upper bound, if you set, e.g., a time limit, while it is able to find a feasible solution (which defines a lower bound, in case of maximization).

It might help to print the BARON log file by switching on the BARON option 'Keep Summary File'. Then a file named 'baron_sum.lst’ will be created in the Log folder. It would be useful if you could share that file such that we can see what BARON is doing while solving your problem.


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