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  • 13 January 2021
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In our November Product Update, we shared that we are making improvements in our Application Management tooling by extending the current Page manager into an Application Manager that allows you to manage pages and easily copy, rename and move widgets between them.

There are some significant changes you will notice. First, the list of widgets is displayed under each page. Second, The flyout menu that displays the options for the pages and widgets is more descriptive and intuitive. 

Page Options


Widget Options



Widgets can be copied and pasted multiple times on the same or different pages. Copy and pasting a widget creates an identical copy of the widget with the contents and properties that have been set. 
When a widget is pasted on a grid layout page, it is added to the ‘Unassigned Area’ in the Page manager. The widget that is copied is highlighted for easy identification.

Widgets can also be Cut and pasted from one page to another. The cut widget is highlighted with a dashed line for easy identification.

When a widget is copied or cut, the Paste Widget option appears in the page options.

Widgets can also be dragged from one page to another, which is another action for Cut and Paste.


We are working on Renaming of widgets currently.


We would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions you might have. Do let us know if you have any questions as well.

3 replies

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Looks good! Is it also possible to reuse widgets such that changes in a widget X on page A are also applied to the duplicate of widget X on page B? That would be nice for maintainability. I used to do this manually in the JSON by referring to the same widget ID from multiple pages, but it would be nice to have proper support for that.

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As part of Application Management, we will also be deprecating two options that allowed users to access the Page Manager to create their custom pages on the cloud. These options are "Sidebar Open By Default" and "Page Manager Hidden" in the Application Settings.

There are 2 main reasons for deprecating these options.

  1. Since the user will now see all the widgets, the page manager where grid layouts can be changed and widgets reassigned and moved, there is a good chance that the user might inadvertently either move and widget or change the layout. This could cause a lot of confusion and unnecessary changes. In order to avoid these situations, we decided to not provide access to the Application Manager to end-users.
  2. We have seen very limited use of these options. Removing these options helps improve the performance of the WebUI by reducing the load of unused components.

Please let us know if you still use these options so that we can think of alternate solutions for your application and use cases.




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Hi @sandervlot

We do have that feature on the roadmap, but it will not be available in the first release. We wanted to get the initial iteration out as soon as possible and gather feedback and suggestions. 

Some of the other items on the roadmap are the ability to select and move multiple widgets, the ability to search for Widgets and pages, and Keyboard shortcuts.  

Please let us know if you have more suggestions. Your feedback is always valuable.





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