Right Mouse Action menu pre-release available

  • 27 March 2020
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You can now try out the Right Mouse Action menu for the Map Widget using the pre-release available in the link below. The folder also contains draft documentation, and an example (screen below). In the example Right Mouse action menus have been defined for both nodes and arcs. Similar to the Page or Widget Actions, you can define & control the procedure, display text, icon, and active state through the model.


The pre-release, the release conditions, and current documentation can be found here until April 21. Of course, you need to have an actively maintained license to try it out.


Please add your feedback - do include screen dumps as we love to see what you can build - as a reply to this post. Happy building!


3 replies

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Hi, @Gertjan. Looks good!


Item Actions is currently available only for the Map widget.

This means that you intend to expand it to other widgets in the future, right? I’m trying to think about other use cases... maybe the table widget or the charts (bar, line)...

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Hi @mateusarakawa , indeed, it will be also offered at other widgets (should have mentioned this). Table first, and then we move along to other charts. Also in Gantt-chart it could be helpful and has been asked for as well. So more to come 😁.

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Check it out in 4.73 that we released today:    https://www.aimms.com/english/developers/downloads/download-aimms/release-notes#4.73.1


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