AIMMS 4.67.2 Release was released on May 29, 2019 (build

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AIMMS 4.67.2 Release

The AIMMS 4.67.2 Release was released on May 29, 2019 (build Changes made in this release are listed below. A high level overview can be found at the AIMMS New Features Page.

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Resolved AIMMS Issues

  • A so-called GUI-expression in the WinUI could cause a serious bug when the compilation of that expression was triggering two or more warnings (for example warnings on non-initialized identifiers). AIMMS ended up in an endless loop that was just consuming more and more memory.
  • The syntax highlighting could give some unexpected coloring in deeply nested language constructs.
  • Having a domain condition which resulted in an empty domain, could sometimes lead to a severe internal error when used in the left hand side of an assignment statement.
Resolved WebUI Issues

  • It could happen that incorrect expressions used for the Display Domain option of a widget did not lead to an error message (and, as a result, to unexpected data being displayed in the widget).

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