AIMMS is looking for an Algorithmic Capabilities Specialist

  • 10 September 2020
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AIMMS is looking for an Algorithmic Capabilities Specialist
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We have an exciting new career opportunity at AIMMS! Our new AC specialist will be working in both R&D and User Support. R&D work involves creating and maintaining links to solvers and conducting research and implementations to improve our product’s Algorithmic Capabilities, often inspired by user questions. In User Support, this role will advise app developers around the world on modeling in AIMMS and on solver usage, usually when their model fails to solve, solves very slowly or returns disappointing results. Most of the interaction with app developers will be via email, phone and online meetings.

Does this sound like a good fit for you? Contact or call +31 23 5511 512 and ask for Pauline. 

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The Profile

The ideal candidate for this position will match the following profile.

  • You have a master or PhD degree in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Econometrics or in a related field with an OR specialization;
  • You understand the importance of and are eager in staying up to date in your discipline; you read blogs and papers and visit conferences on a regular base;
  • You will have an advantage when you know how to program in C++ and have basic knowledge of solvers like CPLEX and Gurobi;
  • You like writing and reading clean, easy-to-maintain code;
  • You have a pro-active attitude; you are always looking for tasks to pick up and ways to help colleagues;
  • You are a quick-starter and quick-learner, able to add value quickly;
  • You are comfortable with speaking and writing in English.

What you need to know for this role:

AIMMS is a mathematical optimization technology that helps our clients build decision support applications in complex situations with many degrees of freedom, lots of data and constantly changing situations. Our modeling and optimization functionality have been honed and proven for over thirty years and is being used by hundreds of companies around the world, including many Fortune 500 companies.

What are the challenges we recently solved?

  • Researching and implementing a Scaling Tool to help making models more numerically stable;
  • Improving the performance of client models;

What are the upcoming challenges for this year?

  • Find the most efficient solutions to use AIMMS in the cloud from an Operations Research perspective;
  • Research and evaluate solvers to add to the product;
  • Improve stochastic programming functionality in AIMMS.
  • Other OR-related projects, you will have a say in what projects.

What do we offer?

  • Flexible working hours with possibility to partially work from home;
  • Self-organization. We use Holacracy as operating system and you decide how to execute your projects and tasks;
  • A competitive salary;
  • Fully paid pension;
  • 6 weeks of holiday per year;
  • Annual performance-based bonus;
  • Annual training & conference budget;
  • 15-min train ride from Amsterdam Central Station (travel cost covered if > 10 kilometers)

Why choose AIMMS?

  • As an OR professional this is a dream coming true. You can be sure that you will be involved in the most exciting OR projects and surrounded by very smart and skilled colleagues.
  • We are proud of our culture, nurtured over 30 years, and believe it is special. It is about people, about trust, about valuing differences and about the combination of performance and care. Read more about us and our Culture.
  • We are self-organized, using Holacracy. No managers. Plenty autonomy and transparency. Quick adjustments of organization, roles and accountabilities. A place where you can develop yourself to your full potential.

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