How to Install Side-by-Side Drivers

  • 28 March 2019
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Some years ago, before Microsoft Office 2010, life was – in some sense – easier for developers: Office was 32-bit, period. In our days, since the release of Microsoft Office 2010, things are a bit more complicated, as users can now have a machine with a 64-bit native version of Office installed as well.

This means, for instance, that a 32-bit application using an ODBC driver to connect to an Access database might not work anymore, since the 32-bit ODBC driver might not exist on a machine with a 64-bit Office installation. In such a case, even though the user has a valid Office installation on his or her machine, the application may still display an error regarding the installation or the registration of the proper drivers on the local machine.


2 replies

I have Office 2016 on my system, and I have tried to follow the guidelines of this article. Instead of the link in the original article I use this link

to download the 2016 Engine redistributable. However, when I try to install the drivers it says that I need to remove my 32bit Office installation first.

How can I access MS Access databases from 64bit AIMMS without removing my 32bit Office installation?

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Hi @ruud_ ,

Were you able to find the solution to your question by yourself?

If not, please check the bottom of the article that was provided as it includes instructions on verifying certain parts of your version of Office as well as configuration options to workaround the issue. Also ensure that you don’t already have any Access drivers previously installed. If you do, uninstall them before proceeding. I am attaching a screenshot of those instructions below.



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