Maximum problem size in AIMMS

  • 21 October 2020
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In our team, we are working on a linear energy system model which is expanding every day. We use the LP Gurobi solver with multi processing. Currently, it has 250M non-zeros (after presolve) and we think it will grow to more than a billion. If the computational capacity (let's say several hundreds GB of RAM) is present, is there any limitation on the problem size on AIMMS side?

In particular I am interest in any limitation on number of variables, constraints, or non-zeros? or any limitation on the capacity of committed RAM or number of CPU cores for parallel computing? 


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Hi @afattahi. AIMMS can handle models with up to 2.1 billion non-zeros. (AIMMS cannot handle larger models because some parts of the C++ code underneath AIMMS still use the 'int' data type.) I see no other limitations.


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