Solving a Model without objective function

  • 26 July 2022
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Dear all, 


I am fairly new to Aimms, but for my thesis i need to solve a model in Aimms that has no objective function. Its like a scheduling problem, but it must not be optimization based. 


So i have most parts of my Model but i dont no how to implement it since i cant use constraints and the solver. 

One Idea i had was to just make an irrelevant Objective function, let the Solver solve it and have my other parameters (Which Order goes to what station at what time and what is the capacity at each station) as results of the simulation. Would this work or is there any other way i can set this up properly?


Thank you in advance.


With kind regards, 



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Hi Andrew,

Making your Math Program with the type ‘ls’ might work, as it states in this documentation:

ls/nls only looks for a feasible solution satisfying all the constraints.



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