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  • 12 July 2019
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Dear Staff,
I need help writing the following constraint using the AIMMS language.
I have two indexes:

Where "a" indicates years.
I have a variable y(c,a)

I would like to define a summation over "c" and over "a" as less than or equal to a value. But the summation over "a" should be done only from the first year until the current year.

I am trying this formulation but something is wrong with it:

sum((c, a1|(a1="A01") and (a1=ord(a))), y(c,a1)) <= Value

Can you please help me writing this correctly using the AIMMS syntax?

Thank you,

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2 replies

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Thank you so much! You are right, it is very straightforward with your formulation. I am trying the first one and it seems it is working fine.
Thank you very very much for your help! Very kind of you
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Hi, @Chibo .

If your year set is for instance { 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 } and for each year you want to create the summation, I would write:

Index Domain: (a)
sum((c,a_aux) | (ord(a_aux) <= ord(a)), y(c,a_aux)) <= value

With this approach you will create 4 constraints, 1 for each year.
2016 : sum(c, y(c,2016)) <= value
2017: sum(c, y(c,2016)) + sum(c, y(c,2017)) <= value
2018: sum(c, y(c,2016)) + sum(c, y(c,2017)) + sum(c, y(c,2018)) <= value
2019: sum(c, y(c,2016)) + sum(c, y(c,2017)) + sum(c, y(c,2018)) + sum(c, y(c,2019)) <= value

But if you want to create the constraint only for 2019

sum((c,a) | (ord(a) <= ord(ElementParameter_CurrentYear)), y(c,a)) 
<= value

So, if your ElementParameter_CurrentYear is '2019' you will create: sum(c, y(c,2016)) + sum(c, y(c,2017)) + sum(c, y(c,2018)) + sum(c, y(c,2019)) <= value

Remark: Check if your year set is ordered, in case it's not a calendar.
  • In the second approach you can create a parameterOrdCurrentYear := ord(ElementParameter_CurrentYear) and use it instead.
  • In your code, you should refer to element A01 with single quotation mark 'A01'
Hope it helps!


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