How to find and force a Cplex version in AIMMS PRO

  • 29 March 2019
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We are facing some infeasibility issues trying to run our application in AIMMS PRO and we suspect it is due to the CPLEX version being used by PRO.

Do you know how can we check and set the CPLEX version used by AIMMS PRO ?

Thank !

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2 replies

It worked perfectly fine, thank you.
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Hello @Curious AIMMS-bot 4 !

The CPLEX version that is used in PRO depends on the AIMMS Application Version that was published along with any solver settings that may have been exported with the project or not.

A way to find out what CPLEX version was used for an AIMMS PRO optimization run is by looking into the PRO session logs. More information about logs and retrieving them can be found here: and

If you have the AIMMS Project option 'major_messages' set to 'Show major messages' then there would be a message output to the Session.log file that contains information like:

Calling CPLEX 12.8 for MIP of 339 rows, 339 columns (169 integer) and 5033 non-zeros.

Calling CPLEX 12.8 to solve MIP model 'FlowShopModel' and minimize TimeSpan.

To control what CPLEX version you are using this can be done by assigning the CPLEX version through specifying the version in a statement within some procedure like

solve MP where solver = 'CPLEX 12.6.3'

Another way to specify a solver version is by exporting the aimmspack with a specific solver configuration.

Within AIMMS through 'Settings' -> 'Solver Configuration' a window will show the various solvers available. From here you can add different CPLEX versions and choose them as the default solver. For this to apply in PRO, you will want to export the solver configuration which will create a solvers.slv file that is located in the project directory. Export the aimmspack including this file and when published, the application will use the solver that was specified as the default.


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