Is there a way to convert a AIMMS PRO file to a AIMMS DEV file?

  • 21 July 2020
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Hello, I hope there is a solution for my problem :sweat:

I was working on a project for my class on AIMMS software (license provided by the university) online and when I save the file, I don’t know how I save it but it got extension .aimmspack. Now my instructor is not able to review my project since the version seems to not be compatible with his… He asked me to convert the file to .ams but I have no idea how to do it. I don’t have the software in my computer and don’t know anybody who has that version to convert it and pass it over to me…. Please any recommendations? Or can someone help me? 



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Hello @Dennire Sanchez 

What you did is create an encrypted aimmspack from your project (via File-Export End User Project menu in AIMMS). This can only be read as an end user project and the original source (e.g. the model), can’t be read back to its original form. So its a one-way encryption to protect the IP of the modeler (you) to be revealed to others.

You should, and hopefully you still have that, take up your original directory where the project was made and zip that up for sharing (you do not need AIMMS for that). Hopefully you still have this... else there is little we can do.

If you need a temp license to get AIMMS active on your machine again, please do send us an e-mail at referencing this post.


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