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  • 30 March 2020
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How can I revert an app on PRO back to it's original ( as designed by the developer ) layout?

I know in the older versions of AIMMS you had the possibility to click on your name and you had the option to revert the layout:



In newer versions of AIMMS I don't see this option anymore. Has this option been (re)moved?



3 replies

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Hello @SDjohan, this has been taken out a long while ago as it never worked well. Since we removed it (Sept 2018), we have had also no request for it. This is likely due to the fact that most of our customers do not allow end users to change the Apps for various reasons (hard to provide support as the App might be different from the App published, an App update overrules any end user changes and gives a bad end user experience, or end users can remove valuable data that is important to make the right decisions). In addition, the widget options or not real user friendly as it requires understanding of of the underlying model and techniques.

In fact, based on these experiences, we promote to publish Apps as non-editable so the experience for all end users is uniform. We are considering to completely remove this end user editable widget options . Since then, we have done lots of work on workflow to improve experience and reduce that need as well. Also, options as Filtering are end user focused and much friendlier in use with User Experience in mind.


Love to hear from you (or others) how you see this. What makes you ask this question? 

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Hi @Gertjan,

I understand the decision to not trying to get the feature of the revert back.

However, I would like the to keep the ‘end user edit’ option. I myself give the option only to developers and testers. This way, when testing, trying to debug the way the app works, or going deeper into data of customers is made easier when this mode is on. You can more easily remove a display domain or add some parameter from the background to a table (or create a new table), to see how that parameter is filled. On the one hand this is nice because the app works faster online and on the other because some features might react different when using it online.

So therefore I would like to keep this option in please.

Kind regards,



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Hey Gertjan,

@Guus Kattenbelt already perfectly described the reason for this function.

When customers come across problems, I also mess around with the UI to see how certain parameters are filled. After messing around I like to restore the UI to it's intended view.


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