How idea submission works

  • 16 May 2019
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How idea submission works
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We invite you to share and vote on ideas to improve and expand functionality of AIMMS products. This helps us to know what users want and need.

Before you post your idea…

It’s a good idea to search existing ideas in case a similar one is already there. If so, you can vote and add your comments there.

When you post a new idea, don’t forget to be your own first vote!

How to formulate your idea

Please provide as much detail as possible to help us understand your need. It may help to put it in the form of user stories:

“As a ___ (role) I need ___ (functionality) , so I can ___ (goal) .”

Role may mean you (the developer) or an end user in their specific role, depending on the need.

Idea statuses

We reserve the right to comment on these feature requests, ask questions about them, and maybe even add them to our backlog - but please understand that we can make no promises about if and when they may be implemented. The overview below explains what each status means. 

  • New: all ideas posted to the community get the status of “new” by default. Once our product team reviews them, we may choose to assign a new status.
  • Discussion ongoing: ideas labelled as “discussion ongoing” are ideas where we need a bit more information and want to understand the needs of the user better before taking them further.
  • On backlogideas labelled as “on backlog” are ideas we are currently considering and investigating further. In some cases, it could be that we realize an idea is not feasible or conflicts with other items on the backlog, so we may change its status to declined or back to discussion ongoing to understand if there are alternatives.  
  • In developmentideas “in development” are ideas that we are currently working on implementing.
  • Implemented: when an idea is labelled as “implemented,” it is already available for use in the product. 
  • Declinedsadly, our product development team does not have infinite resources. This means that we may not get to work on all of your ideas. Ideas that won’t make it on our roadmap will be labelled as “declined.” But please don't let that discourage you from telling us what you think!

Thanks in advance for your contributions!

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