How to code Summation of (inverted A)(w)-element of-W in constraints?

  • 30 May 2019
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Hi! We were able to execute the model already but we're having warnings that the result for this column is similar with the other column. Take for example the constraints 22 and 26? How do we code the "summation"? Sorry I'm just a beginner and I have no one to teach me and I only have a month to study everything because the deadline is just for 2 months.

Our aimms model can be downloaded here: 2


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Hi, I think the answer on the other question on subtraction of element works on constraint 22. Regarding 27, I do not understand what it is. Would you explain what the meaing of k, e, E ?
k - index of Set of Subblocks (container ports)
e - pair of neighboring subblocks
E - set of all pairs of neighboring subblocks
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If you have a parameter NeighborSubBlocks(e,k) = 1 when k is one of the pair subblocks of neighbor block v, then the constraint is

index domain: (e, m)
sum((v,k)|NeighborSubBlocks(e,k) , l(v,m) * x(v,k))

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