How to start solving with an initial solution

  • 24 November 2019
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I have an initial solution assigned to the two-dimensional variable x(i,j) . 

How can I start solving the mathprogram using this initial solution?

I did the following steps but I need details about the element parameter which is the second argument  in sendtosolversession?)


Thanks in advance

  1. read x from file “sol.txt”;
  1. myGMP := GMP::Instance::Generate(MyModel);
  2.  SolverSession :=GMP::Instance::CreateSolverSession(myGMP);
  3. GMP::Solution::SendToSolverSession(SolverSession, ???)




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If you just need using the initial solution as MIP start point, GMP functions is not necessary. You just need to set the corresponding solver options, assign the value to the variable, and use solve statement. You can refer to this link:


Thanks a lot for your help. I worked well!

May you kindly also explain how to do it using GMP function? 


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