Optimization for and with Machine Learning (OPTIMAL)

  • 9 December 2021
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We are currently exploring opportunities for combining Optimization and Machine Learning through collaboration with the OPTIMAL consortium which carries out a large research project entitled "Optimization for and with Machine Learning".

The goal of this project is to provide new analysis and tools for Optimization problems and algorithms arising in Machine Learning, but also to use insights and tools from Machine Learning in order to improve Optimization methods.

For more information on the OPTIMAL project please visit the site https://optimal.uva.nl

We will try and provide updates on our exploration through more specific posts on this forum.

Jess Es 2 years ago

See more details about this project in the next update:


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2 replies

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Here is a link to an updated presentation on Mixed-Integer Optimization with Constraint Learning from the OPTIMAL project via the YOUNG Online seminar series “Machine Learning NeEDS Mathematical Optimization” by Donato Maragno, 21 February 2022, see also https://congreso.us.es/mlneedsmo/ 


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See more details about this project in the next update:



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