Product Update - February 2020

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Product Update - February 2020

Product Update - February 2020: AIMMS 4.71, New Demand Forecasting App, and WebUI improvements


This post is an archive of the Product Update email sent by AIMMS Product Owner, @Gertjan de Lange.

We have some exciting product developments to share. Before diving in, we wanted to remind you that we have a great event coming up on April 3 in Amsterdam: AIMMSFEST! We hope to see you there.

AIMMS 4.71 is now available

Late last month, we released AIMMS 4.71 with some great features (check out the list here). We also released 3 hotfixes since. The need for these hotfixes was not due to regression or stability issues. It's because we have improved the original release and want to get a better version out there as soon as we can. If you want to learn more, let me know.  

New Demand Forecasting App


As we announced a couple of months ago, Demand Forecasting Navigator is coming soon to SC Navigator! The App automates tedious, manual tasks like sifting through data, so planners can focus on important trends and outliers. It uses machine learning algorithms to continuously fine tune your forecast. 

Customers can use it alone, or in combination with AIMMS S&OP Navigator to create different demand scenarios and understand the impact on your supply plan. We will do a limited release to AIMMS SC Navigator customers this month and a public release in March. Stay tuned for more info!


AIMMS Cloud Uptime

Are you ready to move to the AIMMS Cloud? We can have your account ready in 5 minutes, with as much capacity as you need and at no extra cost over your AIMMS PRO on premise subscription (assuming you need similar capacity). The report below shows our Cloud uptime for the last twelve months. These uptimes are including maintenance time for upgrades, which are almost always ‘live upgrades’ without (planned or unplanned) downtime.
In order to achieve high uptimes, all hardware components are redundant (at least two) and are automatically replaced upon failure. All software services will auto-restart in case they crash. We continuously monitor system availability and capacity utilization. Multiple back-up scenarios provide business continuity and ransomware protection. On the security side, our ISO 27001 certification covers our Cloud platform.

Leave a comment below if you’re interested in learning more. 

Developing custom and interactive lists in the WebUI 


You might have heard about the new List Widget we are developing to enhance the end user experience and improve guidance in-App. The widget allows you to show a generated list of (grouped) items and connect those, if required, with actions. These items can, for example, represent a set of tasks or a custom legend, as shown in the screenshot above. Items are interactive. In this case, the checklist was opened to ask the user for input (via a Dialog Page). 

Defining your Page Layout and Managing your overall App 


As announced in December's Product Update, we are working on a new way of handling the Page Layout and Widget Management in web Apps. We will release this in two steps, as an Experimental Feature, in the coming months. 

Version 1 will allow you to focus on recreating your Page Layout and providing a better experience for the developer and end user (see picture below). Version 2 will focus on App management, allowing you to manage pages and widgets in one overview and thus also move widgets between pages, copy widgets, filter the list of items or search for a specific item. We will announce a pre-release of version 1 on the Community as soon as possible, so you can have a taste. Please stay tuned.  


Quick reminder: Internet Explorer, 32-bit no longer supported

Please note that Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported. A message will appear if you open your web Apps in this browser when running AIMMS 4.72 or higher. The AIMMS Developer IDE will no longer provide the option to open Internet Explorer, as of the most recent bugfix of 4.71 and 4.72. 

We also no longer release 32-bit AIMMS installation files. Please upgrade your development platform to 64-bit to be able to enjoy the latest and greatest of AIMMS.  


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