Information on transfer of existing cloud accounts from AWS to Azure

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Information on transfer of existing cloud accounts from AWS to Azure

As you may know, we will transfer the AIMMS Cloud Platform from AWS to Azure. A few words on the transfer of existing cloud accounts from AWS to Azure:

  • We are currently writing the ‘playbook’ for this and developing and testing the technology.
  • We expect to start the first transfers in July and we intend to complete the last account transfer no later than the end of this year.
  • Our ‘guiding intention’ is to minimize the impact for our users.
  • If you want we can first transfer your ‘non-production account’ and then one or two weeks later your ‘production’ account, allowing you time to convince yourself that everything still works as before.
  • We anticipate a few hours of downtime as we need to take the application database off-line when we transfer its contents. We will schedule this downtime at your convenience.
  • Customers using SSO via ADFS/SAML will need to ask their IT colleagues to set-up the ADFS/SAML identity provider to point to the new AIMMS PRO metadata URL (more info). We will support you.
  • Customers using IP-range white-listing for providing their cloud account access to on-premise data sources will need to adjust the white-listed IP range. We will support you.
  • Customers using VPN access will have to re-configure their VPN gateway. We will support you. 
  • We do not offer an option to stay on AWS. We are too small to properly support two versions of the AIMMS Cloud Platform, especially as we are making extensive use of the PaaS managed services of the cloud providers and these are quite different between AWS and Azure. So we will transfer all our customers from AWS to Azure and then shut-down the AWS version of the AIMMS Cloud Platform. 

Please let me know if you have questions.

AIMMS Cloud Platform

One more thing: IP-range filtering will not be supported on the Azure version of the AIMMS Cloud Platform. We will contact the few customers using this today.

Jan-Willem van Crevel
AIMMS Cloud Platform

An update (make sure you read the original post):

  • We encountered some setbacks and we now anticipate starting the transfer or customer accounts early October. We will only start account transfers after we have rehearsed this many times with test accounts and with AIMMS-owned accounts.
  • As described earlier, please expect a few hours of downtime, scheduled at your convenience.
  • The PRO portal will have a different URL on Azure ( than on AWS ( We will redirect for a few weeks, but users will need to change their bookmarks.
  • The application databases will have different URL on Azure ( than on AWS ( We will redirect for a few weeks. The application databases will also have different usernames and passwords and this requires changes in the apps or configuration files. After making these changes app developers will have to republish the apps.

And another update: we are investigating ways to hide the application database username issue from the app developers. That would reduce hassle for you app developer guys. No promises yet.


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