Webinar: ETL-based Integration as a Service for AIMMS

  • 15 May 2020
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Webinar: ETL-based Integration as a Service for AIMMS
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Monday, May 18, 2020

About the event

Join our interactive webinar to learn about our new managed service for integrating different ERP systems and other data sources with AIMMS applications.

We will introduce the service proposition and explain how it's different from more traditional approaches.

The webinar will contain a demonstration of an end-to-end integration powered by the innovative SnapLogic integration platform.

We will be joined in the webinar by our partner Rojo Consultancy. Rojo Consultancy specializes in cloud and on-premise integration, as well as business process orchestration.



Jan Willem van Crevel
Leader of Product Development and Operations at AIMMS
Lucas Laumans
Enterprise Integration Architect at Rojo Consultancy



3 replies

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Really interesting webinar. Thank you.

As we are moving towards a more collaborative data communication process between different sofwares through many environments (cloud; on-premise) is really important to be up to date regarding current best practices.

AIMMS plays an important role in the decision-making process as the optimization tool and, as we can see, it needs to get more and more integrated to other systems. I recently tried AIMMS CDM and I might think it was indirectly shown today, as on the demo, snaplogic connected to it and data can go ‘directly’ to AIMMS model identifiers. This back and forth data orchestration really streamlines the production process and help us to devise the best ‘advanced analytics scope’.

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Hi Mateus, glad to hear you found the webinar interesting. 

Not sure what you mean with ‘indirectly showing CDM’. We showed a demo where data is written to an application database (MySQL in this case) that is accessed by one or more AIMMS apps. The most common scenario is likely to be a periodic transfer of data from an ERP system to that application database, so that the AIMMS apps/models have access to up-to-date data. 

However, this transfer can also be event-triggered, in which case you can achieve what you describe as ‘data can go directly to AIMMS identifiers’. I would love to explore your scenarios further.

BTW, your post illustrates what I saw as the dilemma of this webiner. We wanted to present the notion of ‘integration-as-a-service’, but along the way we of course also demonstrated this powerful SnapLogic software, potentially distracting from the main message. However, excellent if companies like Unisoma decide to use SnapLogic for implementing integrations themselves. It will add power and reduce build and running efforts.


Jan Willem 

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The recording is now available on-demand for our customers who are registered on community - see the post 


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