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  • 7 November 2022
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Hi AIMMS Community,

I am writing a procedure to read in data from an Excel file using the DEX library. Some of our tables have binary data written as strings: “TRUE” and “FALSE”. I have been unsuccessful in reading these values, and am seeking guidance. Here is a simplified example

Test data, I’ve also attached it to this file:

And the XML file (also attached):

I tried a few tests to read in the column with TRUE/FALSE :

  1. Read into P_test(i_test), a parameter with binary range
  2. Read into P_test(i_test), a parameter with no defined range
  3. Read into SP_Test(i_test), a string parameter

Additional Notes:

  • The set “s1” reads successfully into i_test. “value2” also successfully read into SP_Test2.
  • “true” autocorrects to “TRUE” in Excel, so it seems that Excel is doing something to format these values. When I save this tab as a CSV, the values show as strings “TRUE” and “FALSE”.
  • We have used the most recent DEX library version (

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4 replies

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Hi @melody.shellman 

Nothing was done with boolean cells from an Excel sheet. This is corrected in DEX

Thanks for pointing this out!

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Hey Melody,


I reproduced the behavior you described based on your materials in a small project, see enclosed.

I forwarded this example to AIMMS PD&I for investigation.


With kind regards,




Thank you @MarcelRoelofs , I will try it out with DEX!


Hey Chris,

Thanks for your response! I’d like to complete the conversion in AIMMS as you outlined, but I’m not able to read into sp_test(i_test). 

With the test outlined above, I get empty values into sp_test(i_test), even when the other value is read in correctly. 

Have you seen this before? 






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