WebUI User Meetup and Product Update | Recording

  • 26 October 2021
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WebUI User Meetup and Product Update | Recording
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Last week on October 21, we had great user meetup to showcase the latest WebUI features and gather feedback. If you missed the meetup, you can watch it below! We’d like to thank our presenters and our special guest @sandervlot for sharing best practices on WebUI performance. 

Some points of interest:

  • Widget framework (9:26)
  • Demo of new widgets (14:26)
  • Roadmap (20:19)
  • Polling (22:56)
  • Feature Development (33:04)
  • WebUI performance learnings & best practices (39:07)
  • Q&A (58:44)

We welcome you to submit your feedback and ideas to product owners on the Ideation section of the community any time!


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