Can I programmatically close the secondary page actions?

  • 5 March 2024
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For some demo project, I am using the secondary page actions on a page to allow the user to initiate certain actions on the current page.

After I am finished with the actions, I would like for the seconary page actions to collapse again (which is also an indication for the end-user that something has happened). 

At the moment, after clicking on an item in the secondary page actions, the page actions stay unfolded.

Is there a way that I can change the folding state of the secondary page actions from within my aimms model (most important, to close it, not so interested in opening it from aimms code)

6 replies

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Hi @gdiepen

You can experiment with updating the Secondary Page Actions data. For example, try changing the state of a page action from Active to Inactive and then back again.   

Any update made to the Secondary Page Actions data will trigger a reload, causing the Secondary Page Actions to update and return to their initial collapsed state.


Hope this information is helpful. Feel free to let us know if you need further assistance.



Madhu Krishnappa

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Hi Madhu,


quickly checked. Unfortunately, my secondary page actions are having a definition. So what I did is make one of the fields depend on some binary parameter I set when the procedure starts.


Just changing the value of the parameter to a different value, which should trigger a change in the pageactions displayed does not work.

Adding an explicit update statement of the string parameter (with definition) holding the seconary page actions after setting the value, also does not work.

The one thing that did work is executing a webui::RefreshAllWidgets after a made the modification to the binary parameter that the defined seconary page action string parameter depends on.

Kind of works now, but feels a bit hacky 😉


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Now I also see that it ends up temporarily in a busy state (but that comes with a bit of a delay)

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Hey @gdiepen any update on your end about this one? Because I’ve been testing this, and either the webui::RefreshAllWidgets or changing the status of a page worked for me. 

One idea is to move this thread to Ideation. 

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Hi @gabiservidone,

worked around this problem in a slightly different way at the moment because I kept on having similar issues. Will try to see if I can isolate the exact situation in demo project and share that (either here or directly with support)

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Yes, please do!


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