Converting old maps and page actions in WebUI

  • 16 July 2019
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As announced in the July 2019 Product Update, there are a couple of upcoming deprecations in WebUI.

You will need to convert or rebuild pages using these older features for AIMMS versions released after September 2019.

  1. Page Actions: we released Page Actions as an experimental feature in late 2018. Starting with AIMMS 4.68, we will offer this functionality in a different and more flexible way. As of the end of November 2019, new AIMMS releases that will no longer have the Experimental Feature.
  2. Old Map Widget: we started offering a new version of the Map Widget since late 2018. Older maps will no longer work in AIMMS versions released after November 2019.
There is documentation for the process available at

Please share any questions or tips you run into if you are already in the process of converting/rebuilding WebUI pages with these features.

3 replies

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Note that the date has been moved from September to the end of November 2019 - a couple more months to prepare.
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The WebUI Quick Start example needs to be updated to reflect the new Map Widget. I was using it to teach myself the map widget and burned some time until I checked the Map Widget webpage!

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@Scott Bury - Thanks for letting us know! I will look into getting it updated.


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