How to display which dataset a user has loaded?

  • 29 July 2019
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Hi all,

I am constructing an app that a lot of users are using, with a lot of different datasets. These datasets are loaded from and saved to a database.
Is there a possibility to show a name on every page in the app specific for that dataset, without having to add a widget to every page? I provided a screenshot below of a page in the app. I was thinking about maybe the word "Menu" that could be editable? Or could I place something before "Masterdata" that shows which dataset someone is using. As people only go to the homepage to change datasets, this would seem logical to me (this page would then display "Dataset 1> Masterdata", or something like that).

Or does anyone have a better tip for this?


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8 replies

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That looks great Gertjan, could really use that!
Also nice that there are even more possibilities. This looks like something we might use for validation (display number of errors and warnings and when you click on it, go to a dialog page with more information).
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Thanks for asking @mateusarakawa. Good news we start building the first parts in the current sprint (started today); should spill over in next sprint as we are finishing up the DateTime picker story. Glad to hear you like to try!
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Internal build of the Status Bar is ready for trying out. If you are interested, let us know here and we can provide you a version next week!

@mateusarakawa , @MathFour , @Guus Kattenbelt , I make sure you get one of course!

Release is expected second half of November (4.70) together with Calendar and TimeZone feature. 

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Here it is:

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What a great question @Guus Kattenbelt. We are currently in the refinement phase for a status bar for AIMMS WebUI Apps. That means, developers can add a number of items to the bottom bar that displays e.g. the data set you are looking at. We plan to offer you a lot of freedom to fill it based on the below proposed specification (to be defined on App Level). As you can see, we are also looking to add a possible procedure link to e.g. allow you to open a Dialog Page from the status bar with e.g. more details (if state is active).

Please share your feedback!

Disclaimer: Final implementation might be different, also we might release this is phases as we are still in refinement mode before we get to planning and development. Screen below are 'design', not actual AIMMS screens and are used to guide our development of AIMMS features.

WebUI::StatusBarItems === { 'header', 'icon', 'color', 'text', 'tooltip', 'procedure', 'state' }
WebUI::StatusBarSpecification := {indexInteger, webui::indexStatusBarItems)

This would lead to e.g. (with first item header: "Dataset", icon: "circle", color: "green", text: "EMEA Base Case")

more extended:

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Indeed @Guus Kattenbelt.

What I forgot to mention that this information will be updated via a 'heartbeat' meaning that if the information changes, it will auto-change the status bar (different from the ProgressMessage) on a 1 sec interval. This means you can also use it to highlight e.g. information that happens on the background or show a 'latest' status of a process (think of doing multiple remote solves "12 of 15 ready", workflow info "step 1 completed", "job submitted",) or highlight active user/group/rights etc. etc. I am sure you/our users will find many ways to use it.

In addition, not all properties are required allowing you to be very condense as well (we only want text to be mandatory and do smart collapsing if there are many).

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Is this available now - even in beta? If not, when can we expect it?
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Looking forward for this feature! Is there any beta available?


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