Is there a network object equivalent in WebUI?

  • 15 July 2019
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I need something in WebUI that is like the WinUI Network Object. The best I can find right now is the map widget - but what if my nodes aren't locations? Can I use the map widget then?


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Sorry Bon, there is no network widget as of now and is not in the roadmap for the immediate future.

You can use the map widget if you can figure out a way to hide the background layer which is an svg object.
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Thanks, @mohansx - that's what I'm doing.

My next question is about labels on the map. I'm going to start a new thread for it since it will apply to even earth maps.
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@MathFour , can you share how you are hiding the background on the map widget ?
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In order to hide the map, you access the css selector img.olTileImage and set the property display to none.

This only hides the map, though. To hide the zoom controls, you set display to none with the div.olControlZoom selector.

But you'll still have the attribution, so you have to set the css property color on the selectors .olControlAttribution and .olControlAttribution a to whatever your background color is.

When those four selectors are set properly, you have a clean slate on which to have a network map.

BUT, you still can't get all the clicks and hovers that you can with WinUI. So unless you just want lines and arrows, this method isn't all that helpful.

So please PLEASE put this on the development road map.

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@MathFour Thank you for sharing your current workaround - would you mind to create a new post with your product idea? It will be easier to vote and track there


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