page lag when changing authorization

  • 10 June 2024
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Hi Community,

I have the following ‘simple’ situation. I have a editable parameter set by

webui::IdentifierAuthorization(IndexIdentifiers | IndexIdentifiers in xxx) := webui::AuthRWX which is defined in a table on the WebUI. The parameter has also some data.

Now I change the authorization to (via a procedure)

webui::IdentifierAuthorization(IndexIdentifiers | IndexIdentifiers in xxx) := webui::AuthRX and the webui table becomes empty. When I press F5 again, the parameter appears in non-editable state. So functionally it works, but I would like to know how to avoid to refresh the page. 

I tried webui::RefreshAllWidgets after setting the authority, but this does not work. 

Does anyone have any idea why this happens or how to avoid this?






1 reply

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Hi @Marc Wingender, can you send this question to I’d like to do a more in depth understanding of this problem with you. 


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