WebUI and Azure Data Factory On Demand Trigger

  • 5 January 2023
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I have a webUI and pipelines running on Azure Data Factory, how do I create an on demand trigger which will be triggered through the webUI to trigger the Azure Data Factory pipelines.


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Hi there! Welcome to the community and thank you for your question.


Azure Data Factory pipelines can be triggered through REST API (additionally, see this URL), meaning you can use DEX to call the API. You can create a request using the NewRequest method and fill out the needed details for the request. Since Azure requires OAuth authentication, you will need to set this up as well and use DEX for following the correct authentication flow.  


You can then assign the procedure that handles the authorization and calls the API to a button that is shown in the WebUI, triggering the run of the pipeline when clicked on that button. 


Please read the provided documentation pages to guide you through the setup and let us know if you need any additional support.


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