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  • 31 January 2020
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Is is possible to add a widget action to a label widget?

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Olmo/Gertjan: I think this’d be a great topic to discuss at the planned demo as well :)

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Hi @OlmoVerhagen , I have a feeling there are (from UX perspective), better ways to make this happen. Can we do a session together to learn more and see how we can best help?




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The purpose of a label widget is clear to me. I am indeed using it as a title for a section.


However, the customer is using the tool in a kind of presentation mode. And the idea is that they are able to change all the data, titles, icons, pages which are visible, etc.


So, they are able to change the titles of for example a table via a widget action. I would use a widget action on a label widget to let them change the string parameter which is behind this label widget.


Hi @OlmoVerhagen 

Was Prataps and Mohans answer sufficient in answering your question?


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@OlmoVerhagen , a label widget is essentially a button widget that does “nothing”. Its function is to label sections on your page. 


If you want to be able to trigger something by clicking on this widget, then you should use a button widget instead. If you want multiple options (like the list available in a widget action) upon clicking, you should use a button to trigger a dialog message / page. 


Widget actions are designed to trigger actions on the data within that widget (table/gantt etc.). There is no data in a button or label widgets and the button widget itself triggers global actions. 

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Hi @OlmoVerhagen,


Currently the Label widget does not support widget actions. 


Curious to know the intended use for widget actions on the label widget. Please can you help us with an example?




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