Using OAuth2 for API authorization with DEX

  • 8 June 2023
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Using OAuth2 for API authorization with DEX
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In this How-To article we explain how to use the Data Exchange Library (DEX) for OAuth2 authorization using either the Authorization Code flow or the Client Credentials flow. The article uses an example project that can be downloaded for replication and uses APIs from Google and Azure.


This article is part of a How-To series on the DEX. Let us know if you have any questions about using the DEX and/or suggestions for follow-up articles! 

Go to article: Using OAuth2 for API authorization with DEX

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3 replies

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@RoxannaBindenga is there any guidance for setting up redirect URLs for local deployments of AIMMS PRO servers? For cloud, it is pretty clear that we need to have the /extension/[APPNAME]/oauth2/ redirect URL, but it is not clear if we need this for local PRO server deployments. 

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Hi @MattC 

The same redirect URL is also supported for WebUI sessions running on PRO on prem servers since PRO version 2.41.1, see


If you want to use OAuth2 Authorization Code flow from within WebUI sessions, then you need this redirect URL, as it is a necessary part of the Authorization Code flow. 

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@MarcelRoelofs if I understand correctly, this means that it should be serverURL/extension/ … ? Just want to be sure. 


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