How do you use your AIMMS Academic License?

  • 14 June 2022
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How do you use your AIMMS Academic License?
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Hi there, did you know there is a team at AIMMS dedicated to serving out Academic License users?

Our main goal is to make sure you are getting the most out of the license - and to offer AIMMS in a form that best supports your Academic career, and beyond.



What are you doing with your Academic License? We want to hear about your AIMMS projects, big or small, completed or ongoing.


Not only is it inspiring, but helps us to understand your needs and interests better, and maybe get to know you a little, too. This way we can improve our Academic offering, resources, and programs.

We thank you in advance--and even better, we'll plant a tree as a thank you for each response!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

5 replies

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Dear @Aanand ,

The first time I used aimms was when I finished my doctoral program with the theme of planning electric power systems (capacity of power plants and transmission networks expansion). By this doctoral program, I produced 3 publications using aimms. After completing the doctoral program, I also produced several publications using aimms. I am currently developing teaching materials on the operation and planning of electric power systems (through an optimization approach) with one of the software used is aimms (besides LINGO).


Thank you...

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I was first introduced to AIMMS during the last year of my PhD when I started a collaboration with a professor that was using it. I immediately liked the very user-friendly interface and the possibility to create diagrams and visualize results very easily.

I have used AIMMS to develop models and run analyses for several research papers that have been published, mainly in the field of energy and power systems modelling.

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@Chibo  and @rahmat  - Thank you both so much for sharing! We’ll be in touch soon with your tree certificates :)

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Hi @Aanand ,


I use the academic license for my PhD program, which is focused on large scale energy system modeling. Together with my collogues, we developed an integrated energy system model of the Netherlands, which can be applied to other countries as well (e.g., the North Sea region countries).

The availability of the free academic license (with full capabilities) and the great support of the AIMMS team (and others) on the forum, separates AIMMS from other algebraic programming interfaces (e.g., GAMS). 

We already used the developed model (and hence AIMMS) in several publications:

Moreover, I suggest AIMMS to other colleagues at academia (in conferences and meetings).


Thank you again and I hope AIMMS continues supporting the free-access academic development. 

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@afattahi Thank you for sharing! We certainly plan to continue supporting academic development. I’ll get your tree certificate to you soon.


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