Introducing AIMMS Campus: A New Event for Academics

Introducing AIMMS Campus: A New Event for Academics
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Save the date and pack your bags for Summer 2022! We're hosting a special event for academics like you.

Rhymes aside, we're pleased to introduce AIMMS Campus, an event for academics and industry professionals to come together, learn, collaborate and get trained on many different topics. It gives you the opportunity to take your (future) career to the next level, grow your network, and expand your skillset, while having a lot of fun with like-minded people.

Co-create AIMMS Campus

We would love to get your input to make this a great event. We are hoping the event will be in person, as travel restrictions are starting to ease up. Take our short survey (9 questions) for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to AIMMS Campus.

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