Looking forward to Campus 2023!

  • 18 January 2023
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Looking forward to Campus 2023!
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Looking back and looking forward!

The Academic Community teams is already busy planning for Campus 2023! But it’s also nice to take a look at what we did last year...

In July 2022, we hosted the inaugural AIMMS Campus event at the Student Hotel (now called Social Hub), in Amsterdam. The purpose of this event was to bring world-renowned academics and professionals together to learn, collaborate and get trained on multiple topics related to Operations Research, Supply Chain, Business and Analytics.

The event was a major success, seeing a total of 30 students, 12 professors, and young professionals representing 5 continents! The week was filled with interactive lectures, case studies from industry experts, hackathons, roundtable discussions and many other fun activities like canal walks and sports.

The feedback at the end of the week was extremely positive, motivating us to ensure that the 2023 AIMMS Campus event is even bigger and better!


What participants and lecturers say

"It was really nice to get in touch with people from all over world, interested in the same topics as you."

Anna, student


"It's been great. The quality of the professors and sessions was amazing. Also, to see how you can really use AIMMS to implement all these advanced concepts very easily without the hassle of having to program everything from scratch yourself."

Diego, consultant


"It's a chance for you to see beautiful things, to learn about different cultures....We're meeting people from different places - that's the most amazing thing!"

Precious, student


"Great group of students with very different backgrounds, but all very eager to learn. We had great discussions!"

Anne, professor


A video tour of the event

You can have a look at our video “trailer” from the 2022 event to get a preview of the atmosphere, courses, and activities:


Getting your ticket

If you’d like to reserve a spot, head to our Campus 2023 Event page and fill in the interest form.


We look forward to welcoming you at AIMMS Campus 2023!

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