Scope of Index has not been specified - however the formula is from a research paper and should be correct

  • 13 November 2022
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Dear all,


i know this question was asked several times, however I’m not quite sure how to solve my underlying problem. I’m writing on a seminar paper in regards to transport planing, sustainability and uncertainty.

The problem I’m working on is multi criteria optimization with uncertainty → which i try to solve by goal programming.


What I try to model atm is the goal function of disruption cost. which is defined in the paper like this.

In case you are interested in the paper, please check doi:10.3390/su6106666.





(please ignore the red lines - these were set for my modifications, because i leave out manufacturing)


So the problem now is, that “j” and “t” as well as others are set as not specified… is there a solution to this topic? 

I’d appreciate if someone could help me out.

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Can you also share the contents of the constraint in your aimms model for which you get the error? 


Also in the formulation it looks like there is no sum over t. Either you have to include t as an index for the domain of the index (which would mean generate this constraint for every type t) or you have to include in a sum (i. E. Sum over all t  some value with the constraint). 


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