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I am trying to create a vehicle routing problem in aimms. However, i am encountering a problem in Constraint4 (as shown below). The arcs are the arrows in a graph to every customer with a certain demand. I have tried different index domains, but none of them successful. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Perhaps the definition should read:

sum( i, f(i,k) ) - sum( j, f(k,j) ) = q(k)


Thanks for your reaction. If I try this, I get the message: The index ‘k’ does not denote a subset of the set “Arcs”. 

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May I ask:

  1. I seem to missing the set Nodes, is that correct?
  2. Which set is the range of the indices i, j, and k respectively?
  3. How is the set arcs declared, as a subset of Nodes X Nodes?
  4. Is customers a subset of Nodes?


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