AIMMS developer and HiDPI displays

  • 5 August 2019
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AIMMS developer does not scale properly with high resolution displays that are becoming the norm at laptops, and as a result, it either shows everything blurry, or the UI is too small to read (depending on the scaling option of Windows).

While the editor font size can be changed to make development possible, the size of the AIMMS UI elements does not change.

Until AIMMS is revamped and starts scaling properly, would it be possible to allow us to at least change the font size of the windows that show Model Explorer, Pages, Templates etc ? In a 4K display currently the model explorer is not legible.

3 replies

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@nlappas , thanks for the feedback. We are looking into this and will update you if a solution is included in a future release.
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Could you verify whether changing the DPI settings as follows will improve the situtation, assuming you're using Windows 10? If so, we could modify the AIMMS Launcher to change these settings in the registry prior to starting that particular AIMMS version.

I did try this setting, and while it looked promising in the beginning, it seems that it be
breaks the text editor.


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