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  • 23 March 2021
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how is it possible to obtain a worse outcome on a more powerful PC system? Are there solver options which are benefitial for a faster PC system?

In my specific case, I run a Mathematical Program (MIP) minimizing a target function. Since the computation effort is quite high, I introduce an Upper Bound to reduce the solution set. However, if I run the identical probelm instance on two systems, the more powerful one is not able to even calculate a Lower Bound. I use CPLEX 20.1. Any idea why this could be or how to configure solver options?


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Best answer by Marcel Hunting 24 March 2021, 11:14

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Hi @inkognitro. It would be a good idea to print the CPLEX status file for both runs. It will be printed in the log folder if you set the following options:

  • Solvers General option 'Solver listing messages' to 'All';
  • CPLEX option 'MIP display' to 'Nth node + info on node cuts';

Comparing the CPLEX status files might provide some useful information. I invite you to share them here.


How did you introduce an upper bound? By providing a MIP start?

Hi @inkognitro 

Did Marcel’s answer help you with your issue?


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