Demo impressions 04/02/2022

  • 4 February 2022
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Demo impressions 04/02/2022
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I am back with the insider's view of our internal demo sessions for new developments. Let me share impressions:

  1. Some interesting developments in the AIMMS Presolver, namely the dual reductions. This new development (which can seek and eliminate unnecessary variables) can significantly improve memory usage during the solve phase. If that is your case, I would definitely take a look at it here.

  2. Webui has continued to evolve our combination chart with some very nice looking charts to add on top of the bar chart: line, scatter, area, spline… Very helpful for analyzing data and customizing for end-users.

  3. And, on top of that, some added functionality to coloring, based on indexes and with transparency. To me, it looks great!

  4. Finally, some additions to our Pro Account Manager. This should facilitate managing accounts in our Pro environments from a programmatic pov.

Was this useful :thumbsup:  :thumbsdown:? Do you like any of the above news? Let me know!

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Here a few previews of 2 and 3 of current Combination chart in development:

Displayed as Columns (default)

 Displayed as Areas

Displayed as Splines 

Displayed as combination of Area and Splines

Displayed as combination of Columns, Lines and Areas 

Using color index (fruits) instead of Identifiers (default)

Adding transparency index (fruits) 


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