Demo impressions 1/4/2022

  • 22 April 2022
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Demo impressions 1/4/2022
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Running late on this one! Even if it was a while back, I think there were interesting things going on.

  1. We have been working on a new compilar. We are not done yet (no changes to product as of yet), but progress has been made. When this is done, it opens up possibilities for innovations in the use of the AIMMS language.

  2. Combination chart! How this grows!
    1. We now allow you to specify an interval for the X-axis label. Nice to clean up label-heavy axis.
    2. It is now possible to hide specific indexes from being displayed - which can also make legends and labels less cluttered and more useful. I see two nice use cases: similar to pivoting the identifier label to the totals; hiding auxiliary indexes that shouldn't be shown to end-user.
    3. Combination chart on non grid - now you can see that it is incompatible (isn't of just not showing up).
  3. Tooltips are now also supported on the Selectionbox, Multiselect and Legend widgets, by using a Tooltip Identifier for the relevant identifier(s) in your model (annotations!). Very nice to give added information.

Items 2-3 are already released 4.85.1:

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