Demo impressions 18/3/2022

  • 28 March 2022
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Demo impressions 18/3/2022
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Demo time!

  1. First off we had a demonstration of the capabilities of Octeract, a global MINLP solver that has been linked to AIMMS. The new options are always great since they can provide alternatives for our clients to pick the best of the breed for each problem. And as such, this solver can be useful for some problems. More on them here:
  2. Next was a cool progress update on our Application Management via API Calls​. I see great potential for integrating AIMMS in other solution via API's but also integrating CI/CD with this functionality.
  3. Finally, @Gertjan  shared numbers on the community edition license which is now 1 year old! Check our celebration post here:

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Hello @luispinto ,

How to use the octeract solver in AIMMS?

In my recent AIMMS (developer version), there is no octeract listed in solver configuration.

Thank you very much.

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Hello Rahmat,


As of 4.85.1 you should find Octerat available, depending on your license (this is a commercial solver! but should be available for academic licenses as well).

  • The new global solver Octeract has been added. Octeract can be used to find a global optimal solution for NLP, MINLP and non-convex quadratic or quadratically constrained problems. Octeract can handle models with trigonometric functions. Currently Octeract is only available for Windows.


Finally, important reminder, this impressions are of internal demo sessions, hence they are sometimes a little time away from public releases.


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