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  • 23 January 2021
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hi all,

sorry for the trivial question but was trying to figure out:

  1. how to force aimms to show “0” values for parameters and variables/results
  2. and correspondingly exporting those parameters to excel with “0”

at the moment, whenever the parameter or variable has “0” is appears as empty line/cell.

any hints on these two questions much appreciated!




Best answer by Gertjan 25 January 2021, 22:24

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Hello @Nick 

As AIMMS stores data in a sparse manner, only non-default values (typically ‘0’) are stored. Similarly tables only displays those non-default values. You can adjust this by changing the Display Domain. To do so, please take a look at Display Domain property of the table at; by setting it to 1, all ‘0’ cells will also be displayed. You can also do it more fine-grained as the documentation describes.

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Forgot to add that also the ‘0’ will appear in the Excel file through the download CSV icon on top of the table when you set Display Domain to 1. 

Example with display domain set to ‘1’ to show all non-defaults (typically ‘0’)



Hello Gertjan, thank you so much for your help and responses. I believe this is done in web UI but how to set display domain in Aimms IDE/developer?




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I think this older Google post gives you the answer for the pivot table inside the IDE:



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