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  • 29 July 2020
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I have a parameter with index domain (scenario, year). I want to have a plot of parameter (scenario, year) vs year which looks something like in the image attached.

In the image, for example, the number of scenarios is two. However, in my project, the number of scenarios changes with user input data. 

Could anyone please guide me to any resource (example project) in which such type of plots are generated or could give any suggestions how do I proceed to create such plots? Thanks. 


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@Suj8epri , you can still use the 2D chart to create such a plot when the number of scenarios is dependent on the user input data. 


Specify the index of Years as the x-axis domain and Parameter(scenario, year) as the identifier in the y-axis. as scenario is the remaining free index, the chart will automatically plot as many lines as the number of scenarios in that set. See attached example. 



Thank you, Mohan.


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