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  • 1 October 2020
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I am working to develop a tool that reads some input data from an access database, solves an optimization problem, and then exports results to an output access database. The data import process worked fine when I was accessing the user interface (UI) in page manager. Then, I created an .aimmspack file for deploying the tool for end-user use. Now, when I run the tool from pack file (end-user UI), I get this error during input data reading (image attached). Could someone please help with this error? Could this error be due to me missing to include something during .aimmspack file creation? I have not included the input access database file while creating the pack file.


Referring to the image attached, ‘RPS’ is a group in input access database file.


Thanks for your help.


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hello @Suj8epri , can you share how your DatabaseTable declaration looks like ? 

Also, what is the AIMMS version you are using ?


Hi, Mohan. Thanks for your response. I have replied to you in the email. Let’s continue our discussion there. 


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