Error message: "the scope of index "m" has not been specified"

  • 29 April 2021
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Hello everyone,

I have been using AIMMS for a short time and am still a beginner.

When I encode my objective function, the following error message appears : “the scope of index “m” has not been specified”.

I have tried several ways to solve this problem but none worked.

Has anyone experienced this problem before and can help me? I would be very grateful!


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There seems to parenthesis mismatch in the sum operators in your objective function definition. 


sum(i, m, t), (coutdeprod*Qaprod(i,m,t) + sum(i,t), ((coutdesetup*setup(i,t)) + (coutinventaire*Inventaire(i,t)))


must be


sum[(i, m, t), (coutdeprod*Qaprod(i,m,t)]  +  sum[(i,t), ((coutdesetup*setup(i,t)) + (coutinventaire*Inventaire(i,t)))]


@mohansx  Thanks a lot !


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