Error with the Production Model Tutorial Provided by AIMMS

  • 17 November 2020
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I was studying the tutorials provided by AIMMS and I came across a Production Model in the PDF Document for AIMMS for Professionals Tutorial. I’ve tried to open the file to see if it works but I come across the following errors as attached and it will not let me execute the model. 


The zipped folder with the model has also been attached for your reference.


Thank you for all the help!


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Hello @aksh, please use an AIMMS version before 4.73 to open the tutorial project. 4.73 and above do not allow compound set declarations, which are included in the project files. 


AIMMS Release Notes — AIMMS Documentation


You can download 4.72.x or older AIMMS versions here: Pure Downloads (


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