Errors with constraint programming

  • 4 December 2020
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I am a beginner with aimms programmation. I added a constraint which is :sum[t,BackLog(i,t)|t>14]=0

But when i compile my model, it gives me this message error: Constraint programming constraints cannot be used in combination with real valued variables, only with integer valued variables, element valued variables, and activities.  The real valued objective variable is an exception.  The mathematical program "MinCost" has both constraint programming constraints and real valued variables, for instance constraint "BackLogC" and variable "Quantities".

Do you know wha should I do ?

Thank you !!


1 reply

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The syntax for domain condition is to have it after the indices, like


Please note if the set, which has t as index, is not a subset of integer,  it is better to use ord(t) >14


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