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  • 19 November 2019
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Hi dear community,


I tried to follow the tutorial to read in some data from excel sheet. I’ve installed AIMMSXLLibrary and put the data file directly in the library folder under my project (not sure it is required or not) as shown in the screenshot. Then I created the procedure called “ReadInDataFromExcel” in my project and used the code as shown in screenshot. But when I tried to run the procedure to test whether it can point to the .xlsx file or not, the AIMMS through out this error : The identifier "WorkBookName" has not been declared. I’m not sure what’s going on since I almost copy the code from the website. Could anyone please help?





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WorkBookName is a string parameter in the example which is used as a placeholder for the actual file name. It is optional. 


You can directly use your file name in quotations. Something like 

if axll::workbookisopen(“example.xlsx”) then


You don’t need to put the excel file in the library folder. Best is to leave it in the root folder of your AIMMS project or inside the data folder. 

Thank you @mohansx! It works now! 

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