Export Code to Another Project / How to re-use code in another AIMMS model

  • 28 March 2019
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Sometimes there are parts of a model that you would like to re-use in another AIMMS model. If it is a very generic component, you could choose to create an AIMMS library or an AIMMS module out of it.

Please see the chapter “Organizing a Project Into Libraries” in the AIMMS The User’s Guide for more information about this. In the cases that you only want to quickly export/import a set of identifiers once, you can also use the export/import functionality in AIMMS.

Also, on this blog we will provide the AIMMS code where applicable as .ams files. You can import these into your existing projects with the instructions found below. In some cases where the whole project is needed (and not only some snippets), we will provide the whole project as an a .zip file.

Read it here

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