Export Math Program Inspector Results to a file

  • 16 March 2022
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Would be great to have the ability to export the Math Program Inspector results to a file to do further analysis (i.e. using Python)

3 replies

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Hi @Diego Perez-Urruti 

What results are you referring to; the math inspector is a very dynamic tool with lots of ‘outputs’ depending on what you are looking for. If you can be more explicit, that would be great. 

For those less aware of this powerful tool, allow me to add 3 references:

  • On older training video, but still very valid (although we have extended the functionality since):


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Hi Gertjan, 

Thanks for the follow up. These would be some interesting results to export:

  1. The output of the scaling tool: would be great if we could at least write this to a text file
  2. The Constraints and Variables actually in the MP: if we could get the symbolic representation (i.e., top level in the tree) written to a file, and as a bonus the associated variable/constraint link information, that would be great. We have many different model configurations living in one application, and want to be able to generate a representation of the actual MP for each, for documentation and knowledge sharing purposes.
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Hi @Diego Perez-Urruti , you can already write the scaling factors to the listing file by setting the Solvers General option ‘List scaling factors’ to ‘Automatic’ or ‘Symbolic’ (using AIMMS version 4.78 or higher). Due to a bug in AIMMS you also have to set the Solvers General option ‘Scaling algorithm' to 'Optimization based'; this should not be needed as the Scaling Tool in the MPI always uses the optimization-based scaling algorithm and therefore ignores the option ‘Scaling algorithm'. This bug will be fixed in AIMMS 4.85.


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